Online Best Education Practices

COVID 19 has accelerated the transition to online education. Learn how training methodologies and practices are rapidly changing in the new normal. Manufacturers and educational institutions continue to find innovative ways to develop people and boost knowledge and skills through online training resources.

Cybersecurity Assessment, Prevention & Management

As manufacturing and its related processes become increasingly automated and corporate data is stored on the web, manufacturers are being targeted for cyber attacks more so than ever before. A successful infiltration could shut down a plant’s operations or start making faulty products without the knowledge of managers. Learn about the five primary forms of cyber attacks (identify theft, phishing, spear phishing, spam, or compromised web pages) and how you and your team can protect your IP and your business.

Building a Robust/Diverse Supply Chain

Supply chain as a business function is under a very large spotlight these days as it’s the network that is connecting necessary supplies, medical and other essential supplies, to organizations that are responding to needs arising from COVID-19 . While supply chains are generally quite flexible, no one was prepared for this pandemic. In a March 10 survey by the Institute for Supply Management, almost 75% of companies reported supply disruption and 44% of the companies didn’t have a plan to deal with this kind of disruption. Learn what your company can do to respond to the uncertainties of today’s global supply chain.


Listen to industry experts discuss the pros and cons of reshoring your supply chain and why your company should examine the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), a concept that examines all the costs related to the acquisition, transportation and storage of products within the supply chain. Does your company need to conduct a thorough TCO analysis? Can you bring all or a part of your supply chain back to the U.S?

Women in Manufacturing Leadership

Women in manufacturing are seeing positive changes in the industry’s attitude towards, retaining and advancing women over the last five years, but we are not done yet. Learn how manufacturing can Identify, hire, retrain, and promote women in manufacturing.

Women in Manufacturing Production

Hear from women who have found their place in manufacturing production and the inspiration behind their decisions. Making manufacturing appealing to young women is key to the future of the industry as we face an impending retirement of baby boomers.

California Mobility Center

Regional leaders are vigorously pursuing the development of the CA Mobility Center as a leader is electric vehicle mobility in the Sacramento Region. What are the goals of the CA Mobility Center, the industry partnerships necessary for it to succeed, and the German model of collaboration which is driving us towards an electrified future.

Tax Credits to Support Manufacturing R & D

MUN CPAs specialize in providing R&D Tax Credit services and can help determine if you have expenses that qualify – not only for the current year, but for the past three additional years. This government sponsored tax credit is available to help businesses of all sizes that employ engineers, outsource product testing, or invest in the development of a new or improved product, software or other process.

California Community College Advanced Manufacturing Advisory Group Meeting

Join this meeting between manufacturers, high school and community college partners to identify education and training gaps and identify solutions to fill employers needs for a qualified workforce. Manufacturers will have the opportunity to provide insights on the top workforce skills in demand and provide feedback on education and training programs.

State of Manufacturing and Education

Proactive employer involvement with school manufacturing technology programs validates the material covered by the instructor and allows students to transition from manufacturing programs and into fulfilling manufacturing careers. Listen to three regional educators highlight the reasons behind their success and explore best practices for industry partnerships with educators.

Local Apprenticeship Programs

Over the next decade, 17% of the Sacramento Region's manufacturing labor force will be retiring. Learn about the efforts of SVMI to address the "gray tsunami" through a locally developed apprenticeship program and the resources available for developing an apprenticeship program. Apprenticeship programs reduce the need for expensive recruitment programs by creating a flow pool of candidates who are already screened and trained. Multiple local apprenticeship models will be presented.

Rebuilding Adult Education to Meet the Needs of Manufacturing

Learn how SVMI manufacturers engage with the Adult Education centers to develop new manufacturing programs. Adult Education's primary focus is to provide individuals with the basic skills needed for gainful employment in a variety of manufacturing-related occupations.

Innovative Solutions for Manufacturers

Explore how manufacturing software, machine data collection and data management solutions can increase the effectiveness of a manufacturer's operations. Multiple case studies will be present to demonstrate the financial and operational benefits from implementing the industry 4.0 techniques.

  Breakout Sessions